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Colorectal Cancer Treatment

Collaborative Approach to Cancer Care

When you come to Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, we take a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to diagnose, drafting a treatment plan, caring for, and treating patients with colorectal cancer. Our gastrointestinal program is equipped with advanced technology, personalized support services, physician expertise, and much more. Our goal and vision are to decrease the rate of advanced stage colon cancer by increasing community awareness of GI cancers and increasing the access to clinical trials available to our patients here at PVHMC.

We have shaped our GI cancer program around the standards set down by the National Cancer Care Network, the American Cancer Society, American Gastroenterological Association, and Radiological Society of North America, adhering to their guidelines to ensure our patients are receiving the best possible cancer care.

To learn more about treatment options, please call 909.865.9555.

What Makes Our Program Stand Out?

PVHMC has established a comprehensive and multidisciplinary program designed to fight colorectal cancer in Pomona and surrounding communities. Our program is rooted in cutting-edge technology, patient-centered support services, and a team of the leading professionals in gastrointestinal, cancer, radiology, and primary care.

Other benefits offered in our program:

  • CT Colonography (virtual colonoscopy)
  • GI lab with state-of-the-art equipment and technology
  • Trilogy with RapidArc
  • TomoTherapy for ultra-precision radiation
  • Specially trained gastroenterologists and surgeons
  • Personalized care and treatment plans
  • Non-invasive capsule endoscopy-PillCam™

Personalized Treatment Plans for Every Patient

Our gastrointestinal cancer program physicians, surgeons, primary care doctors, and other staff members take a multidisciplinary approach to your colorectal cancer care. This includes access to advanced surgery, clinical trials, cutting-edge anti-cancer drugs, and a variety of other cancer services. From a thorough and timely evaluation to precise treatment planning, all the way to sincere follow-up, our team walks with you throughout the entire process.