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High Risk Infant Development Clinic

Caring For Your Baby Until Age 3

When complications arise during your pregnancy or delivery that impact your baby’s healthy, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center’ High Risk Infant Development Clinic is by your side. Our caring, experienced physicians and nurses monitor your child’s development from the time he or she goes home from the NICU until their third birthday.

At each visit, your child will see a team of experts dedicated exclusively to high-risk infants and their families. Team members provide testing and evaluations that measure your child’s progress toward developmental milestones. If any concerns are identified, we’ll recommend that your child be referred to a special doctor or service.

We also provide support and education to parents for each child’s unique physical, emotional and nutritional needs.

Early Care Provides Lifelong Benefits

Although most infants discharged from a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) grow and develop

normally, many are at an increased risk for neurologic and developmental complications. Research suggests that early diagnosis and treatment can help these babies overcome any challenges from being born too early, too small or with various medical conditions.

The High Risk Infant Development Clinic team at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center assesses and identifies areas of concern, and makes recommendations for treatments, so your baby can grow and develop to the best of his or her ability. Our program is a California Children’s Services (CCS) approved Special Care Center. This means a specially trained and certified team of professionals coordinates and manages all aspects of your child’s care.

PVHMC is one of the only hospitals in the region to provide comprehensive care for children who need follow-up after a stay in the NICU. In fact, many other hospitals refer parents to us when an infant is at risk for developmental delays.


High Risk Infant Development Clinic at the Children’s Outpatient Center
Pomona Valley Health Center
1770 N. Orange Grove Avenue, Suite 210
Pomona, CA 91767

For questions or appointments, please contract Tricia Cohn, RN, High Risk Infant Follow-up Coordinator at 909-469-9318 or Laura Espinoza, Assistant at 909-865-9501 (ext. 6612).