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Furthering the Best Interests of PVHMC

In 1937, 24 Volunteers decided to establish an Auxiliary dedicated to serving the Hospital. They created a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to volunteer service, raising money for the Hospital and helping the community.

Since its inception, the specific and primary purpose for which the Auxiliary was formed is to further the best interests of Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center and to assist in the promotion of its activities. Through volunteering and fund raising activities, the Auxiliary has fulfilled this purpose for 83 years. The majority of funds come from the profits of the Tender Touch Gift Shop where your patronage is most appreciated. Donations, memorials and fund raisers bring in additional funds each year. The Auxiliary created the Sick Baby and Hospital Assistance Fund to track and disperse all the money raised to Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center. Since their first projects of furnishing patient rooms, buying beds for the nurse’s school, and raising money to build the very first Pediatric wing for the Hospital in the 1950’s, the Auxiliary continues to sponsor the needs of the Hospital.

Each year, the Auxiliary receives varied requests for support; for equipment, educational materials, supplies, etc. Each request is taken into consideration and approved as funds are available. Requests can range from a new dialysis machine that improves patient care to a specialized medical doll to train nurses on infant IV placement. In 1990, the Auxiliary pledged $1,000,000 to assist with the newly planned Cancer Care Center. In only 8 years the Auxiliary completed this amazing contribution. Each year a fund is set aside specifically for items relating to infants and children. Not only does the Auxiliary purchase medical and educational equipment for pediatric departments but also pays the bills of families in need that can not pay themselves.

Larry Statler
Auxiliary President

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