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Specialized Cardiovascular Services

Cardiovascular Evaluation & Interventional Care

Every second counts in cardiovascular emergencies. Our Emergency Department collaborates closely with our Stead Heart and Vascular Center to provide rapid evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for patients.

STEMI Receiving Center

An ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI), represents a severe type of heart attack that demands immediate, specialized care. PVHMC's emergency and cardiac teams respond swiftly to STEMI alerts, initiating lifesaving measures. Patients are promptly assessed, stabilized and transported to the Cardiac Catheterization (CATH) Lab for an angioplasty. This procedure crushes blockages, opens arteries and saves lives​​.

Comprehensive Stroke Centercardiac care

PVHMC has achieved Comprehensive Stroke Center status, the highest level of stroke certification recognized by The Joint Commission and American Heart Association. Similar to STEMI heart attacks, stroke care requires an immediate response. Timely medical attention within the first 4.5 hours of stroke symptoms significantly improves outcomes. Rapid treatment is critical, and PVHMC has specific protocols in place for the swift management of stroke patients.

Therapeutic Temperature Management

Patients who experience cardiac arrest need emergency care. Our Emergency Department and Cardiac Services offer Therapeutic Temperature Management (TTM), a unique treatment for cardiac arrest. Upon arrival, patients are assessed for this treatment. If necessary, they are sedated and their core body temperature is internally lowered to reduce pressure on the brain and body, which facilitates healing over several days. Recent studies show that keeping a normal body temperature (normothermia) may work as well as cooling the body (hypothermia) to help people survive and recover better after a heart attack​(American College of Cardiology)​​ (MDPI)​. Many patients can leave the hospital within a week without complications and return to active, healthy lives.