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Our Kidney & Urological Services

Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center is the region’s premier facility for the evaluation and treatment of kidney stones and related urological conditions in the San Bernardino and greater Los Angeles area. Since the center’s inception, thousands of kidney stone patients have turned to us for the most technologically advanced, comfortable and convenient medical care available. Our highly skilled staff – including more than 35-boarded urologists, specially trained nurses and board-certified anesthesiologists – is committed to providing the best kidney stone care available in Southern California.

Evaluation of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones, or urinary calculi, are gradually formed in the drainage structures of the urinary tract due to a buildup of salt or other minerals. These buildups can be detected by any of the following x-ray procedures:

  • KUB – an acronym for "kidney, ureter and bladder" – is a standard x-ray procedure that provides urologists with a detailed image of the urinary tract and any blockage that may be present.
  • Intravenous Pyelogram (IVP) – a painless x-ray procedure that involves the use of contrast dye administered intravenously to evaluate the urinary system.
  • CT Scan – a painless procedure that provides computerized tomography images of the abdomen so that the urinary system can be evaluated.