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Surgical Site Infection Prevention Program

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Screening Process

You will receive a nasal swab test at at your Pre-Admit Testing (PAT) appointment with the Ortho Nurse Practitioner. The test will take 3-5 days to get the result. The results will be communicated to your surgeon before your surgery. If the test is positive, further treatment will be provided on the day of surgery to prevent an infection. A positive result means that Staph is present (this referred to as being “colonized’) but does not mean you have an infection or illness.

Showering before Surgery

To decrease the amount of germs on your skin, PVHMC is providing you with a medicated soap called Chlorohexidine Gluconate 2% and instructions to cleanse the skin the NIGHT before surgery and the MORNING of surgery. You will receive the shower kit at your PAT appointment with the Ortho Nurse Practitioner.

Pre-Surgical Clear Drink

At the PAT appointment with the Ortho Nurse Practitioner, you will receive a pre-surgical clear carbohydrate drink. This drink is part of your regimen for surgical optimization and recovery. Drink the entire 10 oz three hours before surgery. Follow good dental hygiene after drinking.

CHG 2% Showering

PVHMC's Showering Kit contains 2 bottles of the medicated soap called Chlorohexidine Gluconate (CHG) 2%. Instructions will be provided to you at Joint Replacement class and at the PAT appointment with the Ortho Nurse Practitioner. Follow the instructions to ensure good preparation of your skin for surgery.

Day of Surgery

When you arrive to the holding room you will be given CHG cloth wipes to wipe from the “neck down except the genitals” before you get dressed in your hospital gown. Before surgery you will receive antibiotics that are appropriate for you according to the nasal swab results.


For any questions, call your Clinical Coordinator at PVHMC or call Pre-Admit Testing at PVHMC at 909.865.9546.

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