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Lung CT Screening

What is a CT Screening for Lung Cancer?

Computed Tomography, commonly known as CT or CAT scanning, is a non-invasive diagnostic tool. A lung cancer CT screening is a noninvasive, painless and low radiation dose screening that provides detailed visual information needed to diagnose and manage lung cancer earlier and more effectively.

Lung CT technology is used to detect pulmonary nodules, collections of abnormal tissue in the lungs that may be early manifestations of lung cancer. The nodules and tissues are often detectable by CT well before any signs and symptoms of lung cancer develop.

The early detection of pulmonary nodules through CT screenings has been shown to improve treatment options, outcomes and survival rates of patients compared with those who do not undergo a lung CT scan.

Who Should Receive a Lung Cancer CT Screening?

Lung cancer is the leading cause of death in the United States, according to the American Cancer Society. There are usually no symptoms until the later stages of lung cancer, leading to late diagnoses and lower survival rates.

The good news is that a quick, 15-minute CT screening could save your life.

Are You Eligible for a Lung Cancer Screening?

To be eligible for a lung cancer CT screening, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Be ages 50 – 80 years old
  • Currently smoke cigarettes OR have quit smoking in the past 15 years
  • Have a 20-pack year or greater history of smoking
    • How to calculate: number of packs of per day multiplied by the number of years you smoked. For example, 1 pack year is equal to smoking 1 pack per day for 1 year, or 2 packs per day for half a year, and so on.

Did you meet any of these requirements, or are you unsure?

Talk to your doctor about your risk to obtain a screening. If you don’t have a doctor, call our Physician Referral team at 909.865.9858 or visit

Most insurance providers cover the cost of this screening for those that meet eligibility criteria. If you do not meet all of the criteria, ask your doctor about our low-cost, self-pay option.