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Outright Gifts

Stocks and Securities

Contributors usually are not required to pay a tax on gifts of appreciated securities, since the full market value of those held long-term may be claimed as a charitable deduction in computing income tax. For more information regarding the valuation of stocks and bonds or gift crediting, please contact the Foundation office at 909.865.9139.

The most popular and efficient way to transfer securities is by electronic transfer. This is a free delivery system which ensures that Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center receives the full value of the transfer undiminished by broker commissions.

If your stock is held at a broker, you must provide written authorization to transfer a gift of securities. Please specify the name of the stock, the number of shares and the designated fund for your gift. Once you have authorized the transfer, ask your broker to contact the Foundation at 909.865.9139 for complete transfer instructions.

If your stock is not held at a broker and you wish to mail your certificates, please send un-endorsed certificates along with a cover letter specifying the purpose of the gift in one envelope. In a second envelope, send a signed, signature-guaranteed stock power. A stock power form can be obtained at your local bank. We strongly recommend using registered mail to forward your certificates and stock power. Please do not mail endorsed certificates. An endorsed certificate is legal tender which can be exchanged by anyone.

Cash and Checks

One of the easiest and most popular ways to contribute is by personal check made payable to Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center Foundation. We also welcome cash gifts of currency, money orders or bank drafts.

A gift in honor or memory of a physician, friend or relative is among the most thoughtful of donations, as well as an appropriate way to recognize someone's life and accomplishments. For your convenience you may print out and include our mail in donation form with your donation.

When paying by check, regardless of the designation of your donation, the check should be made payable to Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center Foundation.

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Credit Card Donations

Charging your contribution to a credit card is another easy way to give, as well as to make a donation in honor or memory of someone. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover cards and PayPal.Me/pvhmcf

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Property and Real Estate

Real estate and marketable items of personal property with established values can be given to the Foundation as outright gifts. You may deduct the fair market value of real estate. To be fully deductible, items of personal property must be related to the Institute's purpose and function. A certified appraiser must establish the arrangement. You can continue to use the property for life through a retained life estate arrangement, or reserve the right for another person such as your spouse.