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Cardiovascular and Education Resources

Explore the Cardiovascular Education and Resources offered at the Stead Heart and Vascular Center, where we prioritize empowering individuals with essential knowledge for maintaining optimal cardiovascular wellness. Our comprehensive educational programs align with recommendations from leading organizations like the American Heart Association, covering key aspects of heart health and stroke prevention.

Life’s Essential 8

Discover our educational initiatives based on the "Life’s Essential 8" guidelines, as recommended by the American Heart Association. These guidelines encompass vital practices such as managing blood pressure, controlling cholesterol levels, quitting smoking, regulating blood sugar, adopting a heart-healthy diet, engaging in regular physical activity, maintaining a healthy weight, and ensuring adequate sleep. By understanding and incorporating these principles into daily life, individuals can significantly reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke.

Cardiac Education & Support

Participate in our Cardiovascular Education Series designed to provide in-depth knowledge and practical strategies for heart health. Our range of classes and support groups cover topics such as exercise, nutrition, heart disease, hypertension, stress management, weight management, smoking cessation, and cardiac support. Whether you're looking to learn about heart-healthy eating, manage hypertension, quit smoking, or cope with cardiac conditions, our educational programs cater to diverse needs and empower individuals to make informed decisions for their cardiovascular well-being.

Y-HEARTS Initiative

Engage with our Y-HEARTS initiative, focusing on recognizing the signs and symptoms of a heart attack. Empower yourself to act swiftly and seek timely medical attention. By understanding the beginnings of heart attacks, knowing preventive strategies, and recognizing warning signs, individuals can become proactive in their heart health journey and potentially save lives.

Stroke Education & Support

Access comprehensive stroke education and support resources. Learn about stroke risk factors, recognize symptoms promptly with the BE FAST acronym, and understand the importance of immediate action. From prevention to recovery and rehabilitation, our educational resources aim to empower patients and caregivers with the knowledge needed to manage strokes effectively and improve outcomes.

Empowering Patients for Better Heart Health

At the Stead Heart and Vascular Center, we prioritize education as the cornerstone of preventive care and effective management of cardiovascular conditions. Explore our educational resources, attend our classes, and take proactive steps towards better heart health and overall well-being. Together, we can make heart health a priority and enhance the quality of life for everyone in our community.

Community Education: Sidewalk CPR and Life-Saving Instructional Videos

Our educational videos at the Stead Heart and Vascular Center cover a range of topics aimed at promoting cardiovascular health and safety within our community. One such initiative is our Sidewalk CPR education program, where we empower individuals with life-saving skills to perform CPR in real-life situations. These videos provide step-by-step guidance on performing CPR correctly, highlighting the importance of quick intervention during cardiac emergencies. By making these educational resources accessible, we aim to equip everyone with the knowledge and confidence to respond effectively and potentially save lives during critical moments.