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Cardiac Education & Support

Daytime Education Series

A key component to risk factor modification is education. At the Stead Heart and Vascular Center, we offer a Cardiovascular Education Series. It is very important for all of our patients to attend our classes and support groups. Most of the classes and group meeting are free or offered for a nominal participation fee.

Patients and community members wanting to learn more about heart health or talk with others in a welcoming setting are encouraged to attend. Here is a listing of our ongoing classes and groups.

  • Exercise – Participants will be taught training principles, the components of an exercise program, how to improve each component and the benefits of regular exercise.
  • Nutrition – Three classes are offered in the area of nutrition. Members will learn about heart-healthy eating, how fat and cholesterol impact the heart and vessels, describing and planning a balanced meal, and what the major nutrients do for the body and why we should consume them.
  • Heart Disease – Most of the classes explain the major risk factors for heart disease. Attendees will learn which risk factors are modifiable and will be given tips on how to decrease specific factors.
  • Hypertension – This class will educate those with hypertension or those at risk for developing hypertension, about pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of high blood pressure. In addition, members will receive instruction regarding stroke - the causes, signs/symptoms, and the methods of diagnosis and treatment of a stroke.
  • Smoking Session - Smoking remains a significant risk factor for heart disease and stroke. This class will support and provide a tool for those interested in needing help to quit smoking.
  • Stress Management - The importance of stress management in the primary and secondary prevention of coronary heart disease will be taught in this class. Participants will learn what stress does to the entire body, both physically and psychologically, the heart and vessels specifically and will be given numerous tips on how to decrease and manage stress.
  • Weight Management – Attendees will learn the importance of consuming a variety of nutrients and how to lose weight safely. In addition, members will be instructed in behavior therapy and altering the environment in which they live.
  • Cardiac Support Group - This class allows adults with cardiac disease, or those at risk of cardiac disease, to share their feelings, needs and concerns with other cardiac patients who may be experiencing the same events. This is a proven therapeutic model for coping and achieving a faster recovery.

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