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Work Hours/On-Call Duty

The residency recognizes that long work hours and excessive on-call responsibilities are not conducive to an optimal educational environment nor quality patient care. The goal of the residency is to have the hours residents work reflect the hours of practicing family physicians.

Sample Block Schedule

PGY 1 Block Rotations

Rotation Weeks
Emergency Medicine 4
Inpatient Pediatrics 4
Inpatient Primary Care Service 12
Maternal Child Health 8
Night Float 2
Orientation 4
Outpatient Community Medicine/Behavioral Health 4
Palliative Care 2
Radiology/POCUS 2
Research 2
Sports Medicine 2
Surgery 2
Vacation 3
Wound Care 1

PGY II Block Rotations

Rotation Weeks
Cardiology 2
Community Medicine/Behavioral Health 2
Dermatology 2
Electives 7
Emergency Medicine Pediatrics 4
Geriatrics 2
Gynecology 4
Inpatient Primary Care Service 10
Intensive Care Unit 2
Maternal child Health Day/Night 4/2
Night Float 4
Orthopedic surgery 4
Practice Management 2
Vacation 3

PGY III Block Rotations

Rotation Weeks
Community Medicine/Behavioral Health 2
Ear, Nose and Throat 2
Elective 17
Geriatrics 2
Inpatient Primary Care Services 8
Night Float 4
Maternal Child Health Nights 2
Outpatient Pediatrics 4
Practice Management 2
Specialty Pediatrics 2
Urology 2
Vacation 3

We offer longitudinal rotations in Outpatient Pediatrics, Musculoskeletal, and Geriatrics throughout the second and third years of residency.


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