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Meet the Residents

Aasmitha Chitturi

My name is Aasmitha Chitturi and I grew up in Naperville, IL. I completed my undergraduate degree at Baylor University and attended pharmacy school at University of Illinois at Chicago. During pharmacy school, I worked as an intern at Walgreens and continued my work experience at the UI Health Ambulatory Care Pharmacy (Mile Square) and Cardinal Health. My interest in pharmacy stemmed from my grandparents, who owned an herbal medicine shop where I first learned the value of pharmacists in a neighborhood setting. Throughout my pharmacy school journey, I developed a strong interest in shadowing clinical pharmacists in an urban hospital. I had the opportunity to manage medications for critically ill patients, which motivated me to pursue a residency in an acute care environment. PVHMC offers a solid balance of dynamic learning experiences, ability to teach pharmacy students, and services a diverse community of patients in Los Angeles and San Bernardino County. By serving as an academic and regional medical center, residents at PVHMC gain many experiences to grow as a pharmacist in research, preceptorship skills, and quality improvement. My clinical interests currently reside in oncology, emergency medicine, and ambulatory care. The goals I have created for my residency year include learning how to independently staff a clinical shift, develop proficiency in presenting research, establish rapport with providers, and improve patient outcomes. During my free time, I enjoy trying local coffee shops in LA, traveling with friends, exploring the food scene, and hiking around national parks!

Anh Trinh

I was born and raised in Viet Nam before immigrating to the United States in 2014. I received my Bachelor in Pharmaceutical Sciences from University of California, Irvine and earned my Doctorate of Pharmacy from University of California, San Francisco. From childhood, I have been attracted to the sciences, especially chemistry and biology. Being able to understand the world at the molecular level interested me more than anything else. Upon arriving in the United States to be reunited with my grandfather, I had an opportunity to join him on a counseling session provided by a pharmacist to address the drug-drug interactions between his chemotherapy and other chronic medications. At that moment, I began to understand the miraculous and practical power of biochemistry, so much so to be inspired to be a shield to protect patients from any medication adverse events as well as to promote medication use as a life-saving, life-improving, and life-sustaining element for those being treated. During pharmacy school, I was an intern at CVS where I solidified my communication, patient education, and team interaction skills. However, wanting to further strengthen my clinical knowledge, to work directly with an interprofessional team to promote safe and effective medication use, and to adapt to the new role as a medication educator, pursuing residency was the answer for the next chapter of my training. I chose PVHMC as this program provides me with the experience and tools needed to fill in gaps as a new provider, educator, and leader. The challenging, yet supportive, environment fits my learning style and also promotes personal growth. My goal as a clinical pharmacist is to diversify my knowledge in various specialties/settings, to improve the PVHMC’s medication practice, and to initiate protocols to optimize medication use on a health-systems level. During my free time, I enjoy exploring local boba stores, listening to music, and trying new cooking recipes

Joseph Anthony Castro

My name is Joseph Anthony Castro and I grew up in a small town called Eagle Rock in Los Angeles, CA. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of California, Irvine and received my Doctorate in Pharmacy from Western University of Health Sciences. My interest in pharmacy began when I attended Medical Camp at Children’s Hospital LA in high school. By shadowing a pharmacist, I saw how careful he was in preparing a patient’s chemotherapy. Seeing the thought process and the safety profile of the regimen designed behind the patient’s condition inspired me to one day provide the same high-level care for others who are critically ill. During pharmacy school, I gained experience as an intern at City of Hope where I explored the realm of inpatient pharmacy practice. I admired how pivotal a pharmacist’s role was applied in contributing toward the healing of others and seeing how they worked in a collaborative effort to enhance patient care ignited my motivation to pursue a residency. With goals of strengthening my clinical knowledge in challenging areas such as Infectious Diseases, Emergency Medicine, and Neonatal ICU/Pediatrics, I knew PVHMC was my ideal residency program to become equipped with necessary tools to thrive as a clinician. The supportive culture of the staff and the abundant opportunities to become integrated with a multidisciplinary team provide a cultivating environment for my desire for personal growth as a healthcare provider. But outside of the pharmacy world, some things I enjoy are playing volleyball, traveling around the world, watching Marvel movies, and attending concerts and music festivals!

Tina Vuong

My name is Tina and I’m a local native from Westminster, CA. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from UC Irvine and my Doctorate of Pharmacy from University of Southern California. During pharmacy school, I worked as an intern pharmacist at Garfield Medical Center and CVS Health; both experiences allowed me to bolster this narrative in which pharmacists are valuable clinicians who are also a patient’s greatest advocates. What lead me to my pursuit for pharmacy was the sole fact that I wanted to be an accessible provider and lend my clinical expertise as a walking drug encyclopedia alongside a team where the end goal is fixated on making a patient better. Someone once told me that doing a PGY-1 residency is like learning how to ride a bike with training wheels. There was simply nothing I wanted more than to grow as a clinician with valuable training and impeccable mentorship from supportive pharmacists at my disposal. I was especially drawn to PVHMC because their residency program encourages their residents to exercise full clinical judgement as pharmacotherapy experts and deliver evidence-based input in a plethora of practice settings (AmCare, Oncology, Women’s services). My clinical interests surround inpatient pharmacy practice and ambulatory care as it offers multiple avenues to impact patient care and help patients gain agency over their health. My personal goals in residency would be growing my collaboration alongside other like-minded providers who value my role as a clinician, be better at making sound clinical judgement calls, and strive to become an all-around functional pharmacist—all which PVHMC can imbue me with the confidence to achieve. In my free time I like to practice yoga, watch new Korean dramas/reality shows, and indulge in a delicious shabu shabu meal!