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Get Well ... Stay Well

While our therapy programs can help you “get well,” our Wellness programs are designed to help you “stay well” and healthy! Although these programs are supervised by our rehabilitation staff, they are not formal rehabilitation. They are more of a personal gym membership that focuses on your general health and fitness. Participants are usually former Rehab patients who desire ongoing “aftercare” support while transitioning to an independent fitness program. However, you do not have to be a former Rehab patient and anyone may join as a “Wellness” member. We offer five Wellness programs and a variety of membership options.

Aquatic Wellness Program

exercise therapy

Supervised group classes allow participants to work within a class or independently on aquatic exercises in warm water indoor pools. Benefits of exercising in water include: decreased impact on weight bearing joints, improved endurance and strength, maintaining or improving muscle tone and balance, and weight management.

  • Appropriate Participants — Independent exercisers, including former Aquatic Therapy patients
  • Requirements — Able to enter and exit the pool independently; thermal regulate in warm water, and be continent of bladder and bowel
  • Locations — Chino Hills Outpatient Clinic, La Verne Outpatient Clinic
  • Cost Options — $30 for 4 sessions | $60 for 8 sessions

Cardiovascular-Pulmonary Wellness Program

Exercise in medically supervised fitness gyms located at PVHMC. Exercise physiologists and respiratory therapists provide a pre-participation health screening and risk stratification, blood pressure assessments, and establish individually tailored exercise prescriptions. Program is structured to assist those in need of managing heart, vascular, lung and other chronic conditions.

  • Appropriate Participants — Individuals managing cardiac risk factors (such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, weight and sedentary lifestyles). Anyone who might benefit from exercise, including former Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation patients.
  • Requirements — Ability to independently and safely walk and get on/off exercise equipment. Demonstrates good safety judgment regarding exercise intensity and use of equipment.
  • Locations — PVHMC Cardiac Rehabilitation Gym
  • Cost Options — $30–4 sessions | $60–8 sessions | $300–6 months | $600–12 months

Gym Wellness Program

exerciseParticipants utilize the equipment in our rehabilitative gym to perform an independent exercise routine. Therapists perform a personal screening on your first visit and help set up your program. Our rehab staff are present to monitor your safety and are available to answer questions during each visit. Benefits include: build strength and flexibility in a safe, non-intimidating, familiar and comfortable environment; excellent transition for former patients as they regain their independence.

  • Appropriate Participants — Independent exercisers. Former Physical Therapy patients.
  • Requirements — Ability to independently and safely walk and get on/off exercise equipment. Demonstrates good safety judgment regarding exercise intensity and use of equipment.
  • Locations — All PVHMC Rehab Outpatient Clinics (Pomona, Claremont, Chino Hills and La Verne)
  • Cost Options — $30–4 sessions | $60–8 sessions | $300–6 months | $600–12 months

How to Enroll in Wellness

  1. To get started, click here to download our How To Enroll form.
  2. Talk to your physician about your reasons for wanting to join one of our Wellness programs.
  3. Ask him/her to sign the appropriate section of the How To Enroll form.
    • Patients transitioning to Wellness will need to have their physician sign the CLEARANCE TO PARTICIPATE section.
    • Others interested in Wellness, but who have not been a recent Rehab patient, will require a Rehab Prescription, signed by your physician ordering a one time Wellness Evaluation. This evaluation will be covered under your medical insurance. Assuming our Wellness program is appropriate for you, all future Wellness sessions will be CASH-PAY and medical insurance will not be billed.
  4. Call any of our clinic locations and ask to make a Wellness appointment for the specific program you are interested in joining:
    • Aquatic Wellness
    • Cardiac-Pulmonary Wellness
    • Gym Wellness
  5. Bring the signed How To Enroll form to your first Wellness appointment.
  6. Payment, in full (Cash or Credit Card) is required prior to your first session.

What To Wear and Bring

For Aquatic Wellness bring:

  • Swimsuit or shorts and shirt
  • Towel
  • Pool or aquashoes (optional)

All others:

  • Comfortable, loose fitting clothing
  • Athletic shoes

For more information about Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center's Rehabilitation Services, please call 909.865.9810. For maps to all of our rehabilitation facilities click here.

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