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Management of Post-COVID-19 Recovery Symposium

Date: Saturday 5-14-22
Time: 8 am - 12:30 pm

FREE Online Virtual Symposium

Up to 4.0 CME Credits

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Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the complex and varied presentations of Post-COVID-19
  1. Highlight current Post-COVID-19 literature
  1. Describe physician and ancillary team members’ roles in supporting the recovery of, and educating, those affected by “Long COVID”
  1. Summarize appropriate testing, treatment, education and referral strategies for Post-COVID-19 patients, including case studies
  1. Consider age, gender, comorbidities, and lifestyle factors when determining appropriate treatment of patients who are, or may be, at an increased risk and mitigate any biases to that treatment

Target Audience:

All physicians, psychologists and other interested clinical staff are invited.

Course Description:

For many patients, lingering Post-COVID-19 symptoms may be the most significant and frustrating consequence of the pandemic. An increasing number of people who were infected experience a wide range of prolonged complaints and symptoms. An ever increasing concern is a that subset of these cases might develop a kind of chronic COVID-19, called Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS CoV-2 (PASC), often referred to as “Long COVID.” Our multi-specialty panel will present their experiences treating these patients over the past two years. Information provided will highlight appropriate referrals, and how to educate, manage and coordinate the medical and emotional care of patients dealing with “Long COVID."

Topics of Discussion:

  • Managing Pulmonary Injury in Post-COVID-19 Recovery
  • Managing Cardiovascular Injury in Post-COVID-19 Recovery
  • Managing Neurological Injury in Post-COVID-Recovery
  • Pulmonary, Cardiovascular and Musculo-Skeletal Rehabilitation of the Post-COVID-19 Recovery Patient
  • Managing the Psychological Effects on the Patient, their Family and the Community in Post-COVID-19 Recovery


Our Multi-Specialty Panel:

Moderator – Gurbinder Sadana, MD, FCCP
PVHMC Pulmonary and Critical Care

Rakesh Sinha, MD
PVHMC Pulmonary and Critical Care

Jayapal A. Reddy, MD
PVHMC Interventional Cardiology

Adeel M. Popalzai, DO
PVHMC Neurology

Joseph Baumgaertner, PT, MS, OCS
PVHMC Rehabilitation Services

Tammy Magill, RRT, RCP, PD-E, PR-C
Specialty Program Coordinator
PVHMC Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Stacey Leath, PT, MS
Specialty Program Coordinator
PVHMC Physical Therapy

Daniel Blocker, PhD
PVHMC Psychology/Counseling