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Post-Covid-19 Support Group

Rehabilitation –via– Inspiration Emotional Support Group Workshops

For those suffering with Post-COVID-19 symptoms

Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center (PVHMC) now offers a free Support Group to interested patients as an optional component to their Post-COVID-19 Recovery care. Through interactive workshops, participants will discover ways to cope with feelings of overwhelming fatigue, depression, anxiety, frustration, “brain fog” and memory issues, as well as the sense of isolation many “long-COVID” sufferers often experience.

This series of workshops includes topics such as … How Can I Cope with this Fatigue; Strategies for Working with Brain Fog; Breathing, Mindfulness, and Guided Imagery – Do They Really Help? … and many more!

During the sessions, you will be introduced to creative breathing techniques, respond to writing prompts, learn ways of self-expression and be given an opportunity to share your story all of which are designed to reduce your tension level and teach you how to relax quickly and effectively.

About Our Facilitator

The weekly workshops are led by Elizabeth Preston, MAT, a certified Practitioner in Creative Journaling, and an award-winning artist and educator. An experienced facilitator, Elizabeth’s successful “Self-Care through Self-Expression” approach provides new life tools to help combat the emotional anguish often associated with ongoing long-COVID.

It's Helping – Words of Inspiration

“The support group has helped by providing a safe environment where I feel comfortable sharing how COVID has impacted my life.” – Mary Allen, 70

“It’s amazing how much the support group helps. When you share, you learn that someone else is going through the same thing as you.” – Sabrina Flores, 23

“It’s important to get out of the house and out of isolation. The group gives everyone a chance to share their experiences and also learn how to find support emotionally and medically.” – Kim Crouch-Philips, 63.

Attendance Options

We offer two attendance options, both with limited enrollment.

  • IN-PERSON in one of our Conference Rooms (masks and social distance safety measures are still in place)
  • VIRTUAL (via ZOOM) for those who prefer the comforts of home

Enrollment – What You Need to Know

Our Post-COVID-19 Support Group is one component of the Post-COVID-19 Recovery Program. It is critical that individuals with long-COVID are receiving the medical care they need to properly address their physical symptoms of Post-COVID-19 prior to joining the support group. This will ensure they are at the point in their recovery where they can fully benefit from the support group.

Getting Started

To access and participate in the Post-COVID-19 Support Group requires a physician’s prescription that must include the following two things:

  1. It must clearly state your previous COVID-19 diagnosis
  1. It should refer you for “Evaluation and Treatment” in our Post-COVID-19 Recovery Program

Contact us today to get started!

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