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Telehealth Remote Evaluation & Treatment Options

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Protecting the health and safety of our patients has never been more important to us. With that in mind, Rehabilitation Services is offering patients remote treatment options, as an alternative to in-clinic visits.

Our new remote service offers patients two different treatment options – telephone and telehealth sessions – as alternatives to our traditional in-clinic rehab.

Depending on the patient’s condition and comfort level with the technologies available to them, the following remote options are now available at all seven of our outpatient locations:

  • TELEPHONE sessions to answer questions, discuss concerns and offer advice.
  • TELEHEALTH (audio and video chat) sessions using a computer, tablet or smart phone at home to connect visually with a therapist at our clinic. This option offers evaluation, reassessment, education, training and progression of a specific and individualized exercise program.

Safe, easy and convenient, our goal is to provide patients with a smooth and secure virtual experience. During the appointment, the therapist will be in a private treatment room. These appointments are not recorded, are HIPAA compliant to protect the patient’s private health information, and covered by most insurance plans.

Tips That Will Help Your Telehealth Appointment Go Smoothly

The following tips should help patients feel more comfortable during their first telehealth appointment:

  • Practice in advance to become familiar and comfortable interacting on camera by using your device for a video call with a friend or family member. Ask them to provide feedback on the sound, camera position and lighting.
  • Make sure there is little or no light behind you, otherwise you’ll be a dark silhouette and difficult to see.
  • Prepare a list of questions and concerns for your therapist.
  • Choose a comfortable location without noise or interruptions for the session.
  • Turn off the TV and other potential sources of background noise.
  • If possible, prop up your smart phone or tablet instead of holding it.
  • Be ready and near the smart device a few minutes before appointment time.
  • Expect questions from the therapist, including any recent changes in symptoms or progress. Be prepared to stand, walk or perform specific movements to help the therapist with the evaluation.
  • Following your telehealth call, you will receive an email copy of your instructions and exercises.
  • Your questions are welcome throughout the call.

Physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy telehealth and telephone appointments are available for most of our adult and pediatric therapy services.

For information, questions, or to schedule a telehealth or telephone appointment, call any of our locations.

For more information about Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center's Rehabilitation Services, please call 909.865.9810. For maps to all of our rehabilitation facilities click here.

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